Tents ‘n’ Events is the leading specialist in custom pool covers of any size or shape. Our custom pool covers allow you to optimize your party area by transforming a space for swimming into a dining or dancing celebration. We offer carpeted covers to lend that ballroom feel, clear covers allowing your pool to illuminate your event, or simple plywood of your choice of color. For a colorful display, we also offer LED underwater lighting for clear pool covers. We also specialize and provide custom partial covers, runways and bridges. Our custom bridges are a wonderful way for the guest(s) of honor to have a perfect entrance or to allow all areas of your special event to be easily accessible.


versace pool platformWhite Carpet and Plexi Glass Insert Pool Cover2 Levels Pool Cover6 Inches Step up Black Pool CoverFlush Pool Cover - White Carpet with Plexiglass InsertFlush Pool Cover wood and plexigreen pool coverLED light in pool 1LED light in pool 2All Plexi Glass - Flush Partial Pool CoverWhite Pool Cover - Plexi Glass InsertPlexiglass Bridge - Flush - Even with patio Level 2A

White Pool Cover With Plexi Glass InsertPartila Pool Cover - All Plexi Glass with railing- RBlack Plywood Pool Cover with Plexi Glass Insert - Clear Top Tent on Top

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