What is your delivery Procedure?

In most cases you will be notified with a courtesy call the day prior to your scheduled & previously confirmed delivery date.  All deliveries are scheduled, routed & loaded onto our trucks the day before the contracted delivery date. It is required to have cell # on file for the onsite point of contact at the “deliver to” venue address for all scheduled deliveries.   Any out of the ordinary special installation requirements will incur additional charges.  Any Specific delivery or pickup times requested & preferred outside of our regular delivery hours (Mon-Sat 9am-4pm, Sunday Closed) will incur additional cost.   Standard ordinary Delivery fees are based on a drive up & curbside installation.


Client Responsibilities

The Client/Renter is responsible for the equipment rented from the time it is delivered/Installed until the time it is returned to Tents ‘n’ Events. Any Items Damaged, missing, or stolen is the clients responsibility and client agrees to cover the full replacement cost for these items. Client also understands that the Rental charges cannot be applied against the replacement cost. The full replacement cost will be charged in addition to the incurred rental charges for use of the equipment. All Lighting Equipment is to be installed, moved, and Picked-up by Tents ‘n’ Events Technicians only.

Unless noted otherwise all Tables & Chairs delivered must be re-stacked at the event venue in a safe location the same way they were delivered by Tents ‘n’ Events.


Client Personal Safety and Material property disclosure under extreme weather conditions:

Under Normal weather conditions Tents ’n’ Events Tents provide an excellent shelter for outdoor events. Hurricanes, High winds, tornados, tropical storms, Very Heavy Rainstorms, & flooding are all classified as “Extreme weather conditions” &/or natural disturbances of nature. These conditions may exceed the tent manufactures safe operational wind load capacity of the tent structure and should be safely evacuated under these extreme weather conditions.  After all, tents are only temporary structures made of water resistant fabric and are not 100% Leak proof during very heavy Rains & Strong Winds. Tent sidewalls are designed for privacy, retaining heat and/or AC, they are not designed to be used as a wind barrier. The renter acknowledges and agrees that Tents ‘n’ Events shall not be held Liable for injuries to any persons or damages to material property under or around the tent subject property caused by tents falling, or any equipment falling due to these extreme weather conditions &/or client negligence. Client acknowledges these natural disturbances of nature may cause cancelation of contract.

If the equipment rented becomes unsafe, the renter agrees to immediately stop using the equipment and notify Tents ‘n’ Events Immediately.


Cancelation Policy

  • All Deposit are non-Refundable unless equipment can be re-rented.
  • Please note that ALL Special Order items are non-refundable.
  • All/Any Permit Processing Fees Incurred by Tents N Events Relating to your Contract are non Refundable including but not limited to Engineering fees, General Contractor fees, or City fees.
  • Once the equipment has been loaded onto the truck and in rout for delivery no refund applies.
  • Any Changes to your contract may be made 1 week prior to the Date of Delivery at no charge.
  • Any on site last minute changes must be confirmed by our office @ 954.979.7456.
  • No changes can be made at the job site with our installers without notifying & receiving confirmation from our office first.

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