This is General information to help you envision the layout and square footage required for your event.

When it comes to professional planning for large Event Request – Tents ‘n’ Events simplifies the process.

By Utilizing today’s modern “CAD” Technology our Technicians can layout a true “to scale” 3-D visual showing exactly how the tent space should be utilized up to its maximum potential.

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Event TypeRecommended Square Footage Required
Stand Up Cocktail7’ – 8’ Sq. Ft. Per person (Standing room ONLY)
Buffet Dinner12’ Sq. Ft. Per Person Sit Down
Dinner15’ Sq. Ft. Per Person (Using 60’’(5’) Round’s)
Sit Down Dinner12’ Sq. ft. Per Person (Using 8’ Banquet’s)
Theatre Seating (Rows)8’ Sq. Ft. Per Person
Bar100’ Sq. Ft.
Dance Area5’ Sq. Ft. Per Dancer
Disc Jockey50’ Sq. Ft. Per DJ Table
Band10’ Sq. Ft. Per Person
Drums50’ – 75’ Sq. Ft.
Piano50’ Sq. Ft.
Grand Piano100’ Sq. Ft.
TablesSeating Capacities
8’ X 30’’ BanquetSeats 8 – 10
6’ X 30’’ BanquetSeats 6 – 8 / (8 – 10 Children)
48’’ (4’) RoundSeats 6 – 8
60’’ ( 5’) RoundSeats 8 – 10
72’’ ( 6’) RoundSeats 10 – 12
For Banquet/Rectangular & Round Tables – Allow 60’’ ( 5’ ) between tables for back to back seating. This Permits a 24’’ (2’) Service aisle behind the 18’’ chair depth.

Chairs – (Cathedral Set-up in Rows)

Allow at least 36’’ between Chairs backs & Min. 36’’ – 60’’ for Isle spacing.

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